Business between the United States and Mexico is growing and Eagle Pass, Texas is your passport to this exploding market. The county seat of Maverick County, Eagle Pass is the gateway to Mexico. The Port of Eagle Pass/Piedras Negras is the primary U.S.-Mexico border crossing for the industrial Mexican state of Coahuila. Eagle Pass welcomes business with its pro-growth policies and its strategic location on US/Mexico Highway 57, that not only connects to San Antonio and northern distribution points, but also offers a direct route to Mexico City.

Eagle Pass has the resources and distributional reach to meet your business’ expansion needs: an enthusiastic labor pool; well-maintained infrastructure, including two international bridges and an international railway; highway and port shipping; an academically recognized school system; excellent medical and financial services; as well as room to grow with available land, buildings, and commercial or industrial parks.

Eagle Pass offers the fastest route between San Antonio and Mexico.

Time is Money Eagle Pass will save you both!