MCDC History

The Maverick County Development Corporation is a 501 (c) (6) non-profit corporation established in 1955 to serve and promote business development and economic investment in Eagle Pass/Maverick County. The MCDC membership is comprised of over 150 businesses and individuals who own and operate business enterprises in Eagle Pass/Maverick County. MCDC welcomes members whose goal is to promote increased economic activity in Eagle Pass/Maverick County.

In the 1970s, the Maverick County Development Corporation was conveyed 188 acres of land from the City of Eagle Pass to establish the Eagle Pass Industrial Park. The purpose of the industrial park is to serve as an economic development incentive for businesses and manufacturers to locate or expand their operations in Eagle Pass. Since its establishment, about 100 acres have been sold to various business interests who have established manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centers in the park. Approximately 80 acres in scattered sites throughout the Industrial Park are available for business and industrial development.

The Eagle Pass Industrial Park is a key feature in the community’s economic development strategy. The companies located in and near the Industrial Park employ more than 400 area residents. With improvements to the park, we expect employment and tax revenues to escalate in the next three to five years. This growth would represent a significant boost to our local economy and allow us to attract further business development.

The Eagle Pass Industrial Park is highly accessible to the Port of Eagle Pass Second International Bridge that is designated as the commercial use bridge for the passage of trucks and heavy equipment. The Park has benefited from earlier investment in the development of the truck route.

An upcoming project is the Texas Department of Transportation State Loop 480 which is an outer loop that will run alongside the Eagle Pass Industrial Park and provide tremendous new access for businesses and transportation companies to move products to and from Mexico.