Become a Member

The Maverick County Development Corporation was established in 1955 as a private nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to facilitate economic development for Eagle Pass and Maverick County. MCDC welcomes members whose goal is to promote increased economic activity for the community.

Under the policy direction of its Board of Directors, MCDC works to expand economic activity by attracting commerce and industry to the community and by assisting in developing the region’s existing businesses. MCDC prepares market and economic information to promote greater awareness and understanding of the opportunities available at the Port of Eagle Pass and the entire community. MCDC supports business retention and expansion by assisting local businesses and new investors to reduce business barriers, establish new operations, and keep strong and emerging current operations.

We encourage you to contribute to the growth of the local economy and become a member of the Maverick County Development Corporation. The members of the Maverick County Development Corporation are its foundation. Their support and perspectives help make MCDC possible. In turn, MCDC works to keep members informed and proud to identify with its activities and accomplishments.

If you have any questions about this information, you may contact our office at 830-773-6166. We are here to work with you to pursue growth opportunities for Eagle Pass and Maverick County.