State of Coahuila Economic Development Delegation

September 18, 2014


Bottom Row: (Left to Right) – Cynthia Martinez, Leticia Flores, Sonia Shannon, Hellen Martinez, Dr. Luis Fernando Camacho and Rogelio Ramos O.

Top Row: (Left to Right) – Constans Derbez, Raul Perez, Lic. Jorge Carranza, Roberto Gonzalez, Mayor Ramsey English Cantu, Ing. Francisco G. Castells, CP Jose Antonio Gutierrez J., Francisco Saracho, Hector J. Cerna, Lic. Ismael Naveja-Macias, Eduardo Garza, and Antonio Castillon F.

Eagle Pass, Texas, September 11, 2014:

On September 11th and 12th, Maverick County Development Corporation in conjunction with Eagle Ford Consortium organized an excursion for the State of Coahuila Economic Development Delegation to visit the Eagle Ford Shale.

The activities initiated with a ceremony held at IBC Bank where Raul Perez, Master of Ceremonies, welcomed the delegates and attendees.  Continuing, Mayor Ramsey English Cantu did the formal welcoming on behalf of City of Eagle Pass. Next, was the recognition of the officials present: Attending from the Coahuila State Delegation were Ing. Rogelio Ramos O., Clúster Minero Petrolero, Lic. Francisco Saracho O., Infraestructura, CP José Antonio Gutiérrez J. Desarrollo Económico, Ing. Francisco G. Castells, Lic. Francisco Treviño, Ing. Constans Derbez, Lic. Jorge Carranza, Antonio Castillón F., Manuel Garcia-Castells, Ing. Zurisday Plata, Instituto Mexicano de Petróleo, Raúl González Santos, Eduardo Garza, Dr. Luis Fernando Camacho, Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, Morris Libson, Lic. Diego Garza. Attending representatives from the Texas State Delegation were Ms. Leticia Flores, Office of Governor Rick Perry; Ms. Cynthia Martinez, Office of Congressman Pete P. Gallego; Ms. Helen Martinez, Office of Senator Carlos I. Uresti; Lic Ismael Naveja-Macias, Consul of Mexico. Attending from Eagle Ford Consortium were Leodoro Martinez, President; Robert Gonzalez, Board Member; Johnny Ruiz, Economic Development; Andrew Dentzer, UTSA. To conclude, attending from Maverick County Development Corporation were Raul Perez, Executive Director, Saul Fernandez, President, Hector J. Cerna, First Vice President, Mrs. Sonia Shannon, Secretary-Treasurer and Mr. Dennis Charlton, Member.

A presentation was made by Leodoro Martinez from Eagle Ford Consortium. A presentation was also made by Andrew Dentzer from the University of Texas at San Antonio. In closing, the Economic Development of Coahuila had a video presentation.

At the end of the welcoming ceremony, the delegation proceeded to initiate the job tour heading to the city of Cotulla, Texas. Here they were received by City Manager Larry Dovalina, and welcomed by the City Mayor Joe Lozano whom presented lunch for the delegates. Following, they continued towards Gardendale Railroad – Intermodal station, where they were greeted by the General Manager, Dal Randle, and Mr. Juan Lerma, Public Relations for a tour of the facilities.  To conclude, dinner was hosted by Eduardo Garza at the Garza Ranch.

Early morning, on September 12th, the Coahuila delegation met at Lewis Energy Group in Encinal, Texas, where they were met by President of Lewis Energy, Craig Rosenstein, and Carlos Garcia, to commence a site tour of the yard and rigs.  A view of Gates 11 and Rig 34 were visited. At twelve noon the tour was completed, at which time they departed back to their Board Room for a late lunch and a video presentation of Lewis Energy Group.


Left to right: Raul Perez (Executive Director, MCDC), Antonio Castillon F. (President of Guerrero, Coahuila), Ing. Rogelio Ramos, CP Jose Antonio Gutierrez J. (Secretario Desarrollo Economico del Coahuila), Craig Rosenstein (President – Lewis Energy), Carlos Garcia, Eduardo Garza (Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila), Dr. Luis Fernando Camacho (Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila), Lic. Diego Garza, and Roger Cabello.